Undeniable Video Series for MLB History of the Negro Leagues

Undeniable Video Series for MLB History of the Negro Leagues

Black History Month Series Produced and Directed by Martian BlueBerry and Invisible Collective for MLB.

Welcome to Undeniable: Stories from the Negro Leagues! In Episode 1, Negro League Baseball Museum president Bob Kendrick tells the stories of female stars Toni Stone, Connie Morgan and Mamie “Peanut” Johnson breaking barriers in baseball

Undeniable Episode 1: Women of The Negro Leagues

Baseball outside of the United States, especially in the Caribbean, has grown tremendously throughout the years. One of the reasons can be traced back to Negro Leagues teams traveling to foreign countries to play games against native teams and in front of native fans. In fact, the legendary Roberto Clemente is said to have been inspired from watching Negro League games in his native Puerto Rico. On top of that, international players were able to play in the Negro Leagues in the U.S. for a taste of more competitive baseball. Some of these included Cuban legends Cristóbal Torriente and Martín Dihigo. You’ll learn this and more in our next episode of Undeniable!

Undeniable Episode 2: The International Impact of the Negro Leagues

Jackie Robinson’s breaking of baseball’s color barrier helped get the ball rolling on social progress and the civil rights movement. On top of Jackie’s impact, Monte Irvin’s story is also incredibly interesting on how he affected the landscape of the Negro Leagues and MLB! Also, we delve into the effects of black players heading to MLB from the Negro Leagues.

Undeniable Episode 3: Jackie and Monte

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